4. Milk Shake Integrity – deeply moisturising hair butter

Milk shake integrity

Appearance, capacity:

Milk Shake Integrity is a product that comes in a white plastic jar with a yellow lid. It has the capacity of 200 ml and is rather efficient. The cosmetic has a nice, characteristic citrus scent.

Components of the product:

Milk Shake Integrity is a pure murumuru butter that is obtained from the seeds of a wildly grown Amazonian palm called Astrocaryum murumuru. Butter is cold pressed and unrefined. It is rich in saturated fatty acids (48% palmitic acid and 26% stearic acid), therefore it will perfectly nourish low porosity hair. Murumuru butter is unique and the process of obtaining is difficult and takes a long time

Murumuru is a butter that protects hair from damage and provides strands with vitality and radiance. Murumuru also ensures the adequate level of hydration of hair and scalp.

Milk Shake Integrity is quickly absorbed, has a nice scent and does not weigh hair down (it does not leave any oily film on the surface). Regular use of the butter makes wisps soft, shiny and facilitates styling.


Murumuru is recommended mainly for low porosity hair. Such hair type is usually heavy and thick and does not require overburdening substances. Murumuru is quickly absorbed and nourishes strands from the inside. It ensures specialised care, matched to fulfil the needs of strong and thick strands. The product provides resilience, softness and vitality.


Milk Shake Integrity can be used on dry hair and scalp (it is highly recommended to warm it up in the palms of your hands to obtain liquid form which in consequence, facilitates styling). Murumuru does not have to stay on hair for too long – even 15 – 30 minutes is enough. Of course, you might as well leave it in overnight and wash it off in the morning with the use of a gentle shampoo. What is more, the product can be added to other cosmetics, such as hair conditioners or balms to improve the effects. In this case, the conditioner must be used before shampooing.

Final evaluation:

Milk Shake Integrity is a great product that contains pure murumuru butter. This ingredient determines its uniqueness and prestige. The cosmetic has a beautiful scent, it is easily distributed on hair and is very efficient. Thanks to the content of saturated fatty acids – it perfectly nurtures low porosity hair.