2. Maraes NOURISHING MASK — with Monoi

kaaral maraes color nourishing mask

Appearance, capacity:

The mask comes in a nice, blue, plastic jar. It has the capacity of 200 ml and is very efficient. Another great feature of the cosmetic is its beautiful scent.

Components of the product:

Maraes butter does not contain parabens or substances such as SLS, SLES, it is based on natural, safe ingredients. You will find the following components in the cosmetic: shea butter, which protects hair from adverse weather conditions and mechanical damages. Next component is monoi oil, which is a macerate obtained from a base, in this case, coconut oil with flowers of Tahitian gardenia dipped in it. As a result a special oil is obtained with an exotic, floral scent (flowers of Gardenia give the product beautiful scent) and majority of EFA (unsaturated fatty acids), ideal for low porosity hair. Monoi oil prevents water loss from the surface of hair and skin, smooths and softens strands and makes them shiny. Additionally, it restores vitality, leaving hair resilient and provides antiseptic effects. Oil takes care of hair, with the tendency to splitting up. Monoi oil is well absorbed by hair and easily incorporated into its structure.

Maraes product has been enriched with keratin, in other words proteins, which is the natural building block of our wisps, nails and skin. Lack of this component can result in damaging and loosing firmness of the skin, brittling and excessive hair loss. Keratin strengthens hair fibre and improves its resilience.


Hair butter – mask from Maraes is recommended for low porosity hair and for everyone who struggles with over-dried scalp. It will sooth both hair (protect from damages, provide gloss and add vitality) and scalp. It is an ideal product to restore the balance on scalp and hair – especially strands that are often bleached or colour-treated.


Maraes mask should be applied to clean, towel-dried wisps. All you need to do is to rub it into your scalp and strands and brush with a wide tooth comb. This way you can be sure that the product will be evenly distributed. Rinse it after 2 – 3 minutes. Use the treatment twice a week.

Final evaluation:

Hair mask from Maraes is a great product with a beautiful scent. 200 ml of the product will last for 3 – 4 months of regular use. Perfectly matched, natural ingredients and a beautiful scent make the butter a prestigious product that ensures proper hair care.