1. Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

 Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

Appearance, capacity:

Coming in an elegant box and a dark glass jar, this hair mask definitely attracts attention. Golden patterns and inscriptions contrasted with black color look good in every bathroom. In this case, attention to detail translates into attention to the beauty product itself because Nanoil argan hair mask equals a fine selection of ingredients that always deliver perfect results. It’s available in a 300 ml jar, which is quite a portion of top-notch hair care.

Components of the product:

Nanoil Argan Hair Mask – the highest quality hair mask enriched with argan oil, which is a word’s finest vegetable oil. Being described as liquid gold of Morocco, this oil is proven to be the most efficacious oil of all. Argan oil contains the best fatty acid ratio so it can be used by literally everyone no matter the hair and scalp type. Even low porous hair that doesn’t tolerate the majority of oils well, will take to argan oil. Obviously, this liquid gold of Morocco offers more than just omega fatty acids. It’s proven to house over 200 active substances, each one separately improving for your hair! Vitamins and panthenol added to Nanoil hair mask take your daily hair ritual to the new level. Do you know that provitamin B5, just like argan oil, is known for being one of the finest ingredients responsible for improving the hair’s appearance in a snap? Apart from that, this substance strengthens the hair and protects from damage. Last but not least, panthenol prevents water loss without weighing hair down.


This hair mask infused with argan oil by Nanoil is designed for every hair type and every hair porosity, including thick and heavy hair that lacks volume and is prone to getting oily too fast.


Application of the argan-enriched hair mask is child’s play. Use it at least one a week. Spread a portion of the mask to freshly washed and damp hair, leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse. Brush and enjoy stunning hair!

Final evaluation:

Nanol hair mask with argan oil receives only positive reviews mainly because it’s able to improve thin, delicate, dry and damaged hair as well as thick, heavy and highly porous strands.


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