3. Authentic Replenishing Butter- nourishing butter for hair, face and body from Davines

davines authentic replenishing butter

Appearance, capacity:

Authentic Replenishing Butter released by Davines, belongs to an amazing series called Authentic. This line includes products that are made of natural ingredients, free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils and other harmful chemical substances with comedogenic actions.

Davines butter comes in a nice jar closed with a beautifully decorated metal lid with floral patterns. The label is rather small, the whole product looks nice. The capacity is 200 ml. Due to the fact that the cosmetic is designed not only for hair but also face and body – it runs out very quickly and unfortunately, is not efficient.

The scent of Authentic Replenishing Butter is composed of the essence of lemon, eucalyptus, bergamot and rose has its purpose: it works as a stimulant and is designed to relief stress and relax after a hard day.

Components of the product:

Davines butter is made of 98% substances of natural origin. The product is versatile: it can be used on hair, face and body. Perfectly nourishes, regenerates and improves resilience of hair and skin. Moreover, the scent is composed of essential substances of natural origin, therefore it lasts long on hair.

Active ingredients contained in Authentic Replenishing Butter include: shea butter combined with three other natural oils: jojoba, sesame and safflower.

Shea butter – is a wealth of saturated fatty acids that perfectly regenerate and protect hair. Additionally, shea butter comprise a range of valuable vitamins, such as: A, E, F which are responsible for inhibiting hair loss and improving strength.

Jojoba oil – stimulates skin cell renewal (including scalp) and boosts hair growth. Moreover, it strengthens strands and protects them against high temperatures and mechanical damages. It comprises monounsaturated fatty acids, mainly eicosenoic acid (almost 77%). Additionally, jojoba oil contains a substance that determines its originality and uniqueness. We are talking about squalane – which is also an ingredient of sebum secreted by human skin. The presence of squalane in jojoba oil is a blessing – thanks to it, jojoba regulates processes taking place on the surface of the scalp. It inhibits oiling hair and moisturises scalp.

Sesame oil – is an oil designed for medium porosity hair. The concentration of oleic acid from the group of omega-9 reaches 50%. Its presence in the Authentic Replenishing Butter is determined by the fact that the product is to slow down the ageing process of hair and body. Sesame oil will take care of hair ends, which are often more dried than other parts of the strands.

Safflower oil – has protecting, moisturising and antioxidant properties. It is recommended for high porosity hair, however, its small amount added to the butter protects wisps from dehydrating, balances the level of moisture, in consequence, hair and skin does not become over-dried.


Butter is designed for low porosity hair that requires attention. Especially due to split ends. It is perfect for the care of strands that are often colour-treated or blow-dried. It is worth mentioning that safe and natural components of the product, allow Authentic Replenishing Butter to nurture both hair and body.


Authentic Replenishing Butter can be used on dry wisps as a 5-minute mask, as well as it can be applied to scalp and left overnight. In the morning, simply rinse and wash it off.

Authentic Replenishing Butter is also suitable for facial skin care (perfect as an under eye cream) as well as your entire body. Good absorbance of Davines butter ensures comfortable care, while beautiful scent will soothe the senses.

Final evaluation:

Authentic Replenish Butter is a prestigious product with well-composed ingredients. Despite the presence of various oils recommended for different hair porosity – it will perfectly nourish low porosity, thick strands. Another advantage of Davines butter is its versatility – it can be used on hair, face and body. When it comes to the disadvantages, we must mention its small capacity and the fact that the product is not very efficient.