Hair butters – When, why and with what hair oiling for low porosity hair

Hair butters are more and more popular in hair salons and among hair lovers. These are perfect as a prophylaxis for healthy, low porosity hair that require protection against damages and constant supply of nourishing ingredients in form of vitamins and saturated fatty acids. Low porosity hair – in spite of good condition – also require care, so that it was not subjected to damages and hair loss. What is more, such hair are much faster greasy due to fact that air cannot reach the scalp. Over production by sebaceous glands weights down hair and makes strands start to fall out excessively.

Therefore, the base for low porosity hair care is – beside protection against damages – strengthening hair bulbs and scalp care.

Due to such hair type being additionally troublesome when it comes to stylisation (stiff and thick strands), it is difficult to provide hair with the hair style you want. Hair butter softens hair and makes it easier to work with, as well as nicer in touch.

Characteristic thing about hair butters is that there is more saturated fatty acids. These are for example, stearic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid. All these acids are made of really small particles, perfectly matching only slightly raised cuticles on the surface of low porosity hair. For this reason, nothing can provide hair with better care than hair butter. The ladies with low porosity hair who wish to buy natural hair butter should pay attention to content of saturated fatty acids in the given product. After all each of them has different concentration and type of acid in the composition.

The highest concentration of saturated fatty acids is present in butters such as:

– coconut oil (55% lauric acid, up to 21% myristic acid, up to 12% palmitic acid)
– kombo butter (73% myristic acid, 3% stearic acid)
– monoi butter (up to 48% lauric acid and 19% myristic acid)
– murumuru butter (48% palmitic acid and 26% stearic acid)
– bacuri butter (up to 75% palmitic acid)

Butters can be applied both on hair and scalp (after such treatment you have to wash your hair after at least an hour). These can be mixed with hair masks and conditioners, or used individually on dry hair in order to protect hair, provide it with gloss and condition. Hair butters are perfectly complex protection and regeneration both for hair and scalp.